Section 134:


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1952 D&C

1970 D&C 134

1990 D&C


Date Given: October 2nd, 1922

Location: Independence, Missouri

Date Canonized: October 12th, 1922



To the Church: To the matter of filling the leading quorums of the church in which vacancies now exist I have given prayerful and careful consideration and meditation, and the voice of inspiration to me is:


Let Floyd M. McDowell be ordained counselor to the president as a member of the First Presidency to fill the vacancy now existing.


Let Gomer T. Griffiths, Ulysses W. Greene, Cornelius A. Butterworth, and Robert C. Russell be released from further responsibility as apostles, to devote their activities as their strength and opportunity might permit, to local work or as evangelical ministers as might be determined by subsequent procedure.


To fill the vacancies in the Quorum of Twelve let the following be ordained apostles: Clyde F. Ellis, John F. Garver, Daniel T. Williams, F. Henry Edwards, Edmund J. Gleazer, Roy S. Budd.


Let James A. Gillen be ordained president of the Quorum of Twelve.


A. The field is large and the time opportune.

B. Let the missionary work be prosecuted with great vigor, and if the Twelve will devote themselves wholeheartedly to this work the church will be greatly blessed through their ministration.


A. And let the Quorum of Twelve be further admonished that upon them rests the onerous burden of the missionary work of the church,

B. and be not concerned with local administrative work except in emergencies or as sent by the Presidency, leaving the care of the local work to those officers previously indicated in the law.


Let contention cease.

Frederick M. Smith
Independence, Missouri
October 2, 1922