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Sections 1-112 | Joseph Smith Jr. (1830-1844)

Section 1: The Lord’s Preface

Section 2: Martin Harris Loses The Book of Lehi

Section 3: How to Continue Working on Book of Mormon

Section 4: To Joseph Smith Sr.

Section 5: To Martin Harris About Seeing the Gold Plates

Section 6: Oliver Cowdery is to be Joseph Smith Jr.’s Scribe While Working on the Book of Mormon

Section 7: The Account of John The Beloved

Section 8: Oliver Cowdery Wants to Dictate Part of the Book of Mormon and is Given Permission

Section 9: Oliver Cowdery Fails at Dictating, but Should Continue as Scribe

Section 10: To Hyrum Smith

Section 11: To Joseph Knight Sr.

Section 12: To David Whitmer

Section 13: To John Whitmer

Section 14: To Peter Whitmer Jr.

Section 15: To the Three Witnesses

Section 16: Three Witnesses to Find Twelve Apostles and the Duties of Apostles

Section 17: The Articles and Covenants of the Church

Section 18: Appeasing Martin Harris’s Funding Concerns

Section 19: Organization of the Church

Section 20: The Question of Rebaptism

Section 21: To Oliver Cowdery, Hyrum Smith, Samuel Smith, Joseph Smith Sr., and Joseph Knight Sr.

Section 22: The Visions of Moses

Section 23: To Oliver Cowdery after Joseph Smith’s Arrest

Section 24: To Emma Smith

Section 25: The Law of Common Consent

Section 26: Communion Emblems; Authority of Priesthood

Section 27: Hiram Page’s seer stone; Joseph Smith Jr. solidifies power; first missionaries

Section 28: A Revelation to Six Elders

Section 29: To David Whitmer, Peter Whitmer Jr., and John Whitmer

Section 30: Thomas B. Marsh Called on Mission

Section 31: To Parley P. Pratt and Ziba Peterson

Section 32: To Ezra Thayre and Northrop Sweet

Section 33: To Orson Pratt

Section 34: To Sidney Rigdon

Section 35: To Edward Partridge

Section 36: Extract from The Prophecy of Enoch

Section 37: Smith and Rigdon to Temporarily Suspend Work on Inspired Version and Go to Ohio

Section 38: Heeding the Call to Ohio

Section 39:

Section 40:

Section 41:

Section 42: The Laws of the Church

Section 43:

Section 44:

Section 45:

Section 46:

Section 47:

Section 48:

Section 49:

Section 50:

Section 51:

Section 52:

Section 53:

Section 54:

Section 55:

Section 56:

Section 57:

Section 58:

Section 59:

Section 60:

Section 61:

Section 62:

Section 63:

Section 64:

Section 65:

Section 66:

Section 67:

Section 68:

Section 69:

Section 70:

Section 71:

Section 72:

Section 73:

Section 74:

Section 75:

Section 76: The Vision

Section 77:

Section 78:

Section 79:

Section 80:

Section 81:

Section 82:

Section 83:

Section 84:

Section 85: The Olive Leaf

Section 86: The Word of Wisdom

Section 87:

Section 88:

Section 89:

Section 90:

Section 91:

Section 92:

Section 93:

Section 94:

Section 95:

Section 96:

Section 97:

Section 98:

Section 99: The Minutes of the Organization of the High Council of Kirtland

Section 100:

Section 101:

Section 102:

Section 103:

Section 104:

Section 105:

Section 106:

Section 108:

Section 111: Statement on Marriage and Government

Section 112: Declaration on Governments and Laws in General

Sections 132-138 | Fredrick M. Smith (1915-1946)
Sections 166- | Stassi D. Cramm (2025-)


Lectures on Faith

Decanonized on September 13, 1878 with WCR #215, and removed in 1897 edition

Note: The version presented is a new version. I incorporate the 1952 sub versings and modify some of the text to include the Book of Mormon’s versing system, which didn’t exist at the time.


Lecture 1: The Definition of Faith

Lecture 2: The Object of Faith

Lecture 3: The Character of God

Lecture 4: The Attributes of God

Lecture 5: The Nature of God

Lecture 6: The Law of Sacrifice

Lecture 7: The Effects of Faith

Letters of Counsel

Words of Instruction, often regarding the calling of leaders

A Letter of Instruction (March 4th, 1912)

Letter of Counsel Regarding the Presiding Quorums (March 9th, 2000)

Letter of Counsel Regarding the Presiding Quorums (March 6th, 2002)

W. Grant McMurray’s Resignation Letter (November 29th, 2004)

Letter of Counsel to the Church (May 25th, 2005)

Letter of Counsel Regarding the Presiding Quorums (May 3rd, 2011)

Letter of Counsel Regarding the Presiding Quorums (May 11th, 2011)

Letter of Counsel Regarding the Presiding Quorums (May 26th, 2011)

Letter of Counsel Regarding the Presiding Quorums (August 12th, 2011)

Letter of Counsel Regarding the Presiding Quorums (May 7th, 2012)

Letter of Counsel Regarding the Presiding Quorums (January 3rd, 2013)

Letter of Counsel Regarding the Presiding Quorums or Inspired Direction about World Church Leaders (January 20th, 2015)

September 8th, 2015

Letter about World Church Leadership Transition (February 18th, 2016)

Letter of Counsel about World Church Leadership (March 31st, 2016)

Statement from President Veazey Regarding Immigrant Families (June 18th, 2018)

Letter of Counsel about World Church Leadership (January 2019)

Letter of Counsel about World Church Leadership (May 2020)

Open Letter to Vice President Pence, Members of Congress, and the Cabinet Calling for the Removal of President Trump from Office (January 8th, 2021)

President Veazey on the Return to In-Person Church

Letter of Counsel about World Church Leaders (September 6th, 2022)

The Way Forward (September 12 – October 10th, 2022)

Letter to the Church Regarding Successorship (March 6th, 2023)

Statement from the First Presidency Regarding Successorship (August 30th, 2023)