Section 143: Missionary Work Will Be Amply Rewarded


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1952 D&C

1970 D&C 143

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To the Councils, Quorums, and Orders of the Church and to the General Conference:


A. When I was in England in 1952 I was given the assurance that Donald V. Lents, a high priest, was called to be an apostle.

B. Now that there is a vacancy in the Council of Twelve, and realizing the great need for apostolic ministry and direction, I have made it a subject of prayer, and I am directed to submit this name to you, the voice of inspiration to me being:


My servant Donald V. Lents is called and he is now chosen to the holy office of an apostle and should be ordained to that office as soon as practicable. Pending that time he should be placed in charge of the English and European Missions.


A. The voice of inspiration to me also is as follows:

It is wisdom for the church to accept the direction of the Council of Presidents of Seventy and complete their organization. My servants of this council should not be overcareful in selecting elders, under the law, to occupy as Seventies.

B. The field of opportunity in new places is great in all areas, and there are many who earnestly desire to do missionary work who are called to be Seventies, and when they are ordained to that office the church should devise ways and means, as far as practicable, for them to be given missionary assignment.


The growing desire for missionary work will be amply rewarded, and the church will be blessed even more than in the past.

Israel A. Smith
Servant of the Church
Independence, Missouri
April 7, 1954