Section 154: Responsibilities of the Church


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1990 D&C






With the needs of the church and its work constantly before me, I have sought frequently, prayerfully, and expectantly for direction concerning those needs. My earnest desire is always that, to the extent I am enlightened by the Holy Spirit, I might discern what God desires for the church and then have the strength and courage to convey that understanding to the church. In that spirit I humbly but confidently present the following as representing the divine will.

To the Councils, Quorums, and Orders of the Church and to the General Conference:


It is my will that Clifford A. Cole be honorably released from his duties in the Council of Twelve Apostles. His calming spirit and reasoned approach many times have been a great blessing, especially in his role as president of the council. He should now be relieved of the burdens of the office of apostle to serve under the direction of the First Presidency, especially in the areas of teaching and writing by which, among his many other skills, the church has greatly benefited over the years.


A. Donald V. Lents and Aleah G. Koury are also relieved of their responsibilities as apostles in my church. Both have labored diligently, often under considerable hardship and conditions of discomfort. They are commended for their years of service which for Apostle Lents extend over the administrations of three presidents of the church.

B. Both are called and, if willing, should be ordained as patriarchs and take their place in the Order of Evangelists—Apostle Koury, if chosen, serving as secretary of the order.


To fill the vacancies in the Council of Twelve Kisuke Sekine, Everett S. Graffeo, and Kenneth N. Robinson are called from their present responsibilities to be apostles in my church. They should be ordained as soon as practicable and take their places in the apostolic quorum.

The Spirit saith further by way of instruction:


A. The Council of Twelve Apostles should continue to pursue the strategies and methods by which the missionary work may be promoted and my gospel most meaningfully communicated to the world. As the chief missionary quorum they are encouraged to devote sufficient time to this task that they may develop a unity of purpose concerning the missionary work and go forth in great power to witness of me.

B. The brethren of the council are also commended for their collective stewardship in the identifying, evaluating, and recommending of missionary development projects. The opportunities for such outreach are limitless; however, because of the limited resources which are available for such projects, every effort should be made to assure that these resources are expended in the areas of greatest evangelistic potential.


A. The Presiding Bishop and his counselors are encouraged to continue to seek ways of effecting a greater understanding of the meaning of the stewardship of temporalities as a response to my grace and love so that the understanding of the principle may stir the hearts of the people as never before.

B. Redefinition of terms within the basic law of temporalities, for clarification and to meet the needs of a growing church, is in harmony with my will. However, let this be done with due deliberation and with full consent of the body after sufficient study and discussion, all to the end that the people may come to provide more fully and joyfully for the great work to which all are called.


Likewise, it is the responsibility of all who labor in the field, either by general church appointment or otherwise, to continue always to be aware of the need to render unreserved and fully accountable service—“good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over.” As they do so, there will be a confidence inspired and a desire to respond engendered in those who look to my servants for leadership.


A. Be of good cheer, O my people. Neither be discouraged by uncertainties nor disheartened by the seeming lack of understanding on the part of some regarding the kingdom-building task. If you will move out in faith and confidence to proclaim my gospel my Spirit will empower you and there will be many who respond, even in places and ways which do not now seem clear.

B. Support one another in love, confident that my Spirit will be with you even as I have gone before you and shown you the way.

Wallace B. Smith
President of the Church
Independence, Missouri
April 8, 1980