Section 159: Rejoicing in Temple Building


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Date Given: April 10, 1994

Date Canonized:




Over the years, as I have made the needs of the church the burden of my prayers, my joy is that the Holy Spirit has continued to bless us so abundantly. It is in that same spirit of appreciation and thanksgiving that I now bring to the church what I humbly believe to represent the mind and will of God. I present it for your consideration and action as appropriate.

To the Councils, Quorums, and Orders, to the World Conference, and to the Church:


Paul W. Booth is released from his duties as presiding evangelist. His wisdom and steadying influence in the councils of the church have been a blessing over the years and he should be allowed to retire with honor.


A. Everett S. Graffeo is called from his present duties in the Council of Twelve Apostles to the office of evangelist and should be ordained and set apart as presiding evangelist of the church.

B. The gifts of compassion and spiritual sensitivity so necessary for this role are his in great abundance and the church will be greatly blessed if he will respond to this call.


Geoffrey F. Spencer is released from the Council of Twelve Apostles. His many ministerial gifts and skills, especially in presiding over the Council, have been a blessing to the church. After nearly forty years as an appointee minister, he should be given honorable retirement.


A. C. Eugene Austin, Sr., is also released from the Council of Twelve Apostles. Having served with devotion and distinction, he should be extended the honor of retirement from active appointment.

B. He is called to the office of evangelist and, if willing, should be ordained and take his place in the Order of Evangelists.


To fill the vacancies thus created, Danny A. Belrose, Dale E. Luffman, and Kenneth L. McLaughlin are called to be apostles and to serve in the Council of Twelve Apostles. They should be relieved of their present duties and ordained as soon as practicable.

Further guidance to the church, by the prompting of the Spirit, is as follows:


Be of good cheer, O my people. Your labors and your sacrifices by which the Temple in Independence has been built are fully acceptable to me. Let all who have worked and prayed for such an accomplishment rejoice in the fulfillment of the promises which were given in times past, but have now become a blessing for all generations.


Know also, dear Saints, at a time when careful study of the faith and doctrine of the church is being called for, strength and courage for this task will be given if you will trust my Spirit to sustain and uphold you. Do nothing in haste, but continue to trust in the enduring promises of the One in whose name you have been given life.


Then, as you gain ever more confidence in sensing the leadings of my Spirit, you will begin to see with new eyes, embrace the truths that are waiting for your understanding, and move joyfully toward the fulfillment of the tasks that are yours to accomplish.

Your servant,

Wallace B. Smith
President of the Church
Independence, Missouri
April 10, 1994