Letter of Counsel Regarding the Presiding Quorums (August 12th, 2011)

As shared previously, R. Paul Davis was released from his responsibilities in the Presiding Bishopric on May 26, 2011. This action created a vacancy in the Presiding Bishopric.

Over the last several months, I prayerfully considered the church’s leadership needs and who is called to serve in the Presiding Bishopric. In humility and thankfulness, I present the following in response to the Spirit’s gracious witness.

To the church:

1. The Spirit’s clear and constant testimony is that James A. Poirier is called to serve as a member of the Presiding Bishopric and counselor to the presiding bishop of the church.

2. Bishop Poirier’s work in banking systems, professional financial planning, and various church financial-officer roles provides extensive experience that equips him to serve in the Presiding Bishopric. His demonstrated ability to mobilize congregations around spiritual principles of grace, generosity, and discipleship formation to support Christ’s mission is matched well to current opportunities. Jim’s ministerial passion, international perspective, and visionary outlook will be a blessing to the worldwide church as he responds to his call.

3. On September 1, 2011, Bishop Poirier will be released from his current assignment as assistant to the apostle for the Canada and Pacific Mission Field to serve as Presiding Bishopric member designate and bishop of Canada. Jim’s call to serve as a member of the Presiding Bishopric will be presented for approval at the 2013 World Conference. Meanwhile, Jim will share in Presiding Bishopric and World Church leadership meetings according to the nature of his assignment and responsibilities.

4. The Spirit also prompts me to express gratitude, on behalf of the whole church, for the willingness of Jim and his family to respond faithfully to this call.

In the Peace of Christ,

Stephen M. Veazey
President of the Church